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"Interesting new site for book lovers, featuring many lesser-known authors."

- Shashi Tharoor, MoS for HRD & author of 13 books


" is doing a Great job."

- Mukul Deva, author of "R.I.P"


"Keep up the great work. I really like your intention of bringing focus on Indian writing."

- Mainak Dhar, author of "Alice in Deadland" series


"BookGeeks is doing a wonderful job in bringing the writers and readers together. For authors, this is  a good platform for continuous engagement with their readers."

- Anand Neelakantan, author of "ASURA"


"I think BookGeeks are heading in the right way. Keep up the good work."

- Arup Bose, Publishing Head - Srishti Publishers


"I am super impressed by Book Geeks. Such passion and energy for books. Kudos!"

- Ketan Bhagat, author of "Complete/Convenient"


" has a coherence in style and thought and that is impressive."

- Biman Nath, author of "The Tattooed Fakir"


"You are doing a great job in that you are fair and equitable in your coverage."

- Oswald Pereira, author of "The Newsroom Mafia"


"I think you guys are doing a fantastic job. For debutants like me, who don’t have money bags for marketing, this forum is great help."

- Sid Bahri, author of "The Homing Pigeons"


" is a Great idea."

- Kishwar Desai, author of "The Sea of Innocence"


"I like your transparency about the review process, which is very useful to the author as well as the reader. The EQ is a good barometer (Trademark it!)."

- S.V. Divvaakar, author of "Beaten by Bhagath"


Being an author myself I will say that every writer needs all the inspiration they can get and people like the ones who have come together to form BookGeeks do nothing less than that."

- Arka Chakrabarti, author of "The Secrets of the Dark"


" has a well defined mission and I am impressed by the methodological approach to reviewing books."

-Manish Mahajan, author of "DOTS"


" is a fabulous site devoted to promoting and showcasing Indian authors and their books"

- Suneeta Misra, author of "Rani of Rampur"


"What you guys do is absolutely brilliant."

- Suzanne Sangi, author of "Facebook Phantom"


" is a superb organization for new writers. I like the way it reviewed the book without leaking the story. Moreover, its review added more to the curiosity of a reader."

- Bharat Hegde, author of "So...U'l..Mate?"



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