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Agniputr | Vadhan | Book Review

October 18, 2016

Agniputr | Vadhan | Book Review

By Sankalpita

PLOT: 4.5/5





I always feel happy when once-debut authors come out with their second book and surpass all the expectations which one may have from their book. The book in question is Agniputr and the author is Vadhan. I had the pleasure of reading Vadhan’s first book Shatru Kronikles, but this book is a different game altogether. This book is in the leagues of the Amish Tripathis and the Ashwin Sanghis of India. But don’t ask me about what genre this book belongs to, I have no clue. It is a thriller mixed with science fiction with just a dash of historical fiction. And if that can be classified in a single genre, please feel free to illuminate me.

The story starts in the 1940s when in the small village of Gudem in the district Eluru of Andhra Pradesh, a patriarch is poisoned and murdered. Soon a diabolical tantric enters a Samadhi complex and unleashes something demonic from the confines of the Earth. Fast forward to the 1970s and a benevolent and courageous cripple disappears all of a sudden, but by doing so saves his village and probably the entire human race.

In the present day, maestro lawyer from Gurgaon Raghuram Surya receives a notice of requisition from the government of India for vacating and providing his ancient castle and the Samadhi grounds for urgent matter of national importance.

Assisted by the formidable scientist Sheila, who has been assigned to study the evil lurking in Gudem, Raghuram takes on the Machiavellian politician Kiromal and his tantric ally. The aim is to contain the evil and to finish the work which the cripple started in the 1970s. That is Raghuram’s destiny. But will Raghuram be able to fulfil it? Will he be able to contain the evil called Sutram? To know this and much more about this interesting story, read this excellent piece of sci-fic-historical-thriller-fiction today!

The story is to die for and when I say that the book is an absolute page turner, I mean it from the deepest confines of my heart. Now, it may sound cliché but still it is true. I loved every aspect of the book. The story frequently moves across time and that keeps the pace going while also keeping the interest of the reader alive and running. There are many sub plots and the story frequently switches from one sub plot to another but that doesn’t deter the reading pleasure at all, in fact it again adds to the mystery surrounding the Sutram.

The characters are all enthralling and certain subplots though irrelevant to the main story do a very good job building up the mystery around the main characters. I loved the characters of Sheila and Raghuram and also those of Major Kant, Govind Kiromal and the tantric. Pichi Rathya was also intriguing in its own ways.

The story moves at the steady pace and does not let you wander away till the time you finally read it completely. Vadhan’s writing style is fast paced and thrill inducing. He also does a very good job of shrouding the Sutram in chill inducing mystery, and that too throughout the book.

The climax is befitting and does justice to the plot and there is such an interesting twist in the end that I had to read it twice to understand that it really happened. Vadhan has very cleverly left some loose ends which will make a book two very plausible and workable. All in all, the book is one of the best reads I have read so far this year and with a five out of five stars in rating, I definitely recommend it to all my readers.

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