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When Love Finds You | Yashodhara Lal | Book Review

October 18, 2016

When Love Finds You | Yashodhara Lal | Book Review

By Sankalpita

PLOT: 3.5/5





Yashodhara Lal may not yet have broken into the ranks of Durjoy Dutta, Nikita Singh and Preeti Shenoy but trust me, she is a lady who comes with a very promising future. I have read two of her earlier books (Just Married, Please Excuse and There’s Something About You) but she has definitely outshone herself in When Love Finds You. Yes, this is yet another of those romance-cum-chick-lit Metro reads but it is also cheekily different.

It is a story of a young (well, not really) professional Natasha, who is all of 35 years of age and heads the sales division of an HR tech solutions company. Natasha who is single and not exactly ready to mingle finds her world thrown into chaos when all of a sudden at the time of promotions because of her supposed lack of people skills, she is passed over for Rishabh.

 Rishabh, who joins in from a different background and to whom she is made to report to; and Rishabh who with all his fake charms leaves no stone unturned to constantly drive Natasha mad. Also in the equation is Nikhil who has a definite charm about him but he comes with a baggage. Adding to that mixture is an old scratchy neighbour, a melodramatic family history, a vile colleague and an immensely irritating friend. 

With so much going in her life, she is bound to fall apart. And her being addressed as Hitler in secret ladies-room conversations also does not help much in making her life easier. So what will Natasha do? Where will she find herself a few months down the line? To know all this and much more, read this riveting and wittily compelling novel today!

The story is rather unostentatious and the plot a simple one, but what makes the book click is the enthralling writing style of the author. Also, a great deal of attention and effort has gone into the shaping of characters and that shows off really well in the book. Natasha is showcased as this nasty boss whom everybody abhors (along with the reader) but somewhere down the line she mellows down and is shown as a sensitive human with a soft heart (and that is where the reader falls in love with her).

Equally charismatic and charming are Rishabh and Nikhil who again lend credibility to the story. I liked the way the author has written about the corporate world so realistically. The book is a perfect blend of a chick-lit and a general fiction with romance and drama just in the right doses so as to not make it a cheesy read. I believe that though the book is indeed chick-lity, it has the ability to appeal to both male and female readers.

The climax though befitting the story line was a little predictable and did not impress much. The book though totalling 293 pages can still be done in two or three sittings. I personally took all of 9 hours (fairly interspersed with breaks of course!) to read the entire book. I end this review by rating the book four out of five stars and recommending it to all my readers especially those who have read Yashodhara’s previous works and enjoyed them.

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