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Should I...Fall In Love | Shradha Khanna | Book Review

November 22, 2016

By Sankalpita 

PLOT: 3/5





Love stories are the order of the day. They sell like hotcakes and hence there is never a dearth of good love stories even when it is the stereotypical boy meets girl story. I will not lie by saying that this is a unique love story, much different from many others flooding the Indian markets today but at the same time, I will also like to highlight the fact that this book is a carefree, simple and breezy read; a perfect one to relax and calm yourself on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Should I… Fall in Love is a cute little story of a carefree and vibrant girl Naina who works at an event management company in Mumbai. She loves her work and is quite passionate about it and by being the workaholic that she is, she also tries to drown the pain of her past relationship which ended in nothing but tears for her. Her last relationship had been dreadful and left her in utter misery when she realized that whom she thought of as “The One” had been cheating on her all this time.

Jump to the present and Naina is now going to handle a very high profile destination wedding. It is here that she comes across Nihal, a guy who she had met at an earlier party and who she thought of as a decent chap. While Naina tries to make sure that all goes well at the wedding, Nihal makes her job difficult by constantly flirting with her. So will sparks fly between the two of them? Will Naina get over her insecurities and give Nihal a chance? Is Nihal really serious for Naina or will he too end up as a non-committal-looking-for-fun guy? To know this and much more about their chemistry, read this cute little romance today!

Though there are a lot of clichés in the book – typical boy meets girl, the big fat Indian wedding setting, girl troubled by past relationship etc, the book turns out to be a charming read in the end. As I already stated earlier, it is a perfect company if you are looking for a light reading. The plot is also quite ordinary but what makes the book stand out are its characters. Naina is fun, sweet, vivacious and gentle while Nihal is a charmer. Both together make for an epic couple.

It is quite fun to read about the two of them. The author also has a way of words with romance. Now there are many authors who go into prose and sometimes even all “Shakespeare-ish” when describing romance but Shradha here, keep it realistic, practical and exactly how today’s reader would want it. Today’s reader doesn’t want to be bogged down by poetry when it comes to romance, he looks for simplicity and action and Shradha has a way with words which brings out the romance element in the story beautifully. With just one poem in the end to compliment the novel, Shradha manages to keep things simple.

The story is told from the point of view of both Naina and Nihal which adds another dimension to the author’s writing style. The climax is predictable but that is the case with almost all love stories these days, so I won’t blame the author for it. All in all, the book is a decent read – yes, a one time read but a decent one. Had it not been for the poor editing, I would have rated the book even better. But yeah, a little better job at the editing could have done wonders for the reading pleasure.

I end this review by rating the book three and a half out of five stars and by recommending it as a light romance read to all lovers of romance.

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