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My Father is a Hero | Nishant Kaushik | Book Review

January 24, 2017

My Father is a Hero | Nishant Kaushik | Book ReviewBy Sankalpita

PLOT: 3.5/5





I picked up this book because the name suggested a different storyline and to be honest the title got me a bit intrigued. I was sent a copy of this book by Srishti Publishers and also by Writers Melon and I think I am glad that I accepted to review this.

The story is of a man named Vaibhav Kulkarni and his eleven year old daughter Nisha Kulkarni. Vaibhav is a single parent and has done all in his means to look after the needs and requirements of his young daughter. But even then, he cannot help but feel a sense of dissatisfaction. May be it is the money being always tight, or maybe it is his own insecurities as a father that Vaibhav is always striving to do more and more for his daughter.

Nisha on the other hand is a bright little girl with brilliant academic credentials and an equally amazing voice. She is loved by all her teachers and friends equally and is doted on by her father. But recently something has not been right, Nisha who was once treasured by all her teachers have suddenly changed and not for good. She is no more her classmate’s favourite and even the teachers have started shunning her. Her indifference towards her academics and singing has been a cause of alarm for Vaibhav but no matter what he does, Nisha does not disclose what the matter is.

In an attempt to figure out what has gone wrong and how it can be set right again, Vaibhav decides to do something which is much beyond his capacity. Will he become the hero for her daughter? Will he be able to bring the earlier Nisha back? To know this and much more, read this one of a kind tale of a father’s unrestricted love for his daughter.

The plot of the book is simple but the way the story is narrated is simply outstanding. The depth of the characters which the author has managed to bring about, is also commendable. The fact that the story is just so different from the regular boy-meets-girl stories flooding the market these days is sufficient for one to pick this book and give it a try. I thoroughly enjoyed both Nisha’s and Vaibhav’s characters. The bond and the love which they have for each other is unheard of and is truly inspirational.

The story is told in a third person’s voice. The book is just under 200 pages and makes for a fast and refreshing read. I would love to know what happens in Nisha’s and Vaibhav’s life next, should the author chose to pen down part 2. The language is simple and so is the writing style which makes the characters take the main lead and steal the show. It is an ideal one time read and I would recommend it to all my readers.

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